History of Salt & Pepper

Salt and Pepper is the ying and yang or the darkness and light.  Salt is crystal clear.  Life would not exist without it.  Salt, or specifically sodium chloride, is the only rock that we eat.  When you incube water with salt, it becomes the ingredients for life.  We use sodium and chloride ions to keep our cells inflated, to regulate blood pressure and convey electrical nerve impulses throughout our body.  To maintain this, we need to consume about 6 grams of salt every day. 

Earliest sight of salt harvesting date to at least 6000 BC in China & Europe.  Before refrigeration, salting was one way to keep food from spoiling since most harmful bacteria can't grow in high salt conditions.  But salt also changes how we experience food.  It makes things taste salty but it also accentuates other flavors.  Salt is probably the most important ingredient on Earth.  

But then there is pepper.  One spice to rule them all.  If you thought salt was interesting, pepper is the THING.
Black pepper comes from a flowering vine native to Southeast Asia.  It gets its heat from a chemical called piperine.  It has been a common ingredient in Indian cooking for at least four thousand years.  Pepper became a key commodity in the spice trade stretching between Asia and Europe where its main use like other pungent spices was to mask the flavor of meat that was past its prime. It has been said that Louis XIV demanded his food lightly seasoned, preferring only salt and pepper be added.  The French cuisine developed then was the basis for much of what we eat today.  Pepper is now The Spice.

Salt N Pepper Truck was formed based on the fundamental "KISS" (Keep It Simple Stupid) principle.  What you see on our menu is what you will get.  We don't have any kind of fusion food or what we called "Confusion Food," just wholesome tasty good food.  We have a good selection of hot dogs, grilled cheeses and loaded fries on our menu to curb all your appetites.  All our menu entrees are made to order with the freshest ingredients available.  So swing by our food truck the next time you see us and we will take care of you..